Food Preparation/ Conservación

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Testimony/Testimonio #1

Homeless thank Bread of Life Ministry for their food service.

Los sin techo agradecen a Pan de Vida por el reparto de comida. 


We desperately need your help with donations. Necesitamos ayuda con donaciones.

Testimony/Testimonio #2

Assistent Pastor gives testimony of Bread of Life Ministries.

 Pastor asistente da testimonio del ministerio de Pan de Vida.

Testimonio #3

 Homeless grateful for food received. Sin techo grato por comida recibida.

reportaje: Pan de Vida provee comida para los hambrientos

Report: Bread of Life feeds the hungry after hurricane María hits Puerto Rico

Brian K Smith beats all odds

This is an interview I did about my being homeless and still succeeding. I later realized that God's purpose was that I would experience this so that I could later relate to others going through the same thing as a part of my ministry.